November 11, 2012

Uncle Jailed After Police Find Nephew's Genitals In His Wallet

The unidentified suspect hides his face from reporters during his arrest

Johannesburg, South Africa (The Weekly Vice) - An unidentified 42-year-old South Africa man was jailed Sunday after the genitals of an 18-year-old nephew were found in his wallet.

According to Eastern Cape province police, the disappearance of an 18-year-old Ngcobo man took a bizarre turn Sunday afternoon when detectives found the missing man's genitals in a wallet belonging to his uncle.

Investigators say detectives were interviewing the uncle about the disappearance when they discovered a dismembered penis in the man's wallet.  Pressed for answers, the uncle eventually led detectives to his nephew's dead body.

The body was missing a head, arms and legs, however those body parts were found a short distance away from the torso, according to police spokesperson Mzukisi Fatyela.

Local police released few details about the case, however, they did not rule out the possibility that the murder might be classified as a "muti" killing.

Muti killings involve the removal of body parts from a human body which are then used by witchdoctors in various potions. Demand for such body parts has become an ongoing problem in South Africa, particularly in the region surrounding Johannesburg.

The uncle was taken into custody and is expected to be charged with murder.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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