November 20, 2012

Tyler Marshall - Jailed After Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend Because She Told Him He 'Had A Small Penis'

Manatee County, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Tyler Marshall, a 20-year-old Florida man was jailed after he allegedly slapped and bit his ex-girlfriend because she said his penis was small.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, Marshall and his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend , Brittany Siler, had been living together, but where evicted from their apartment because their arguments caused a disturbance at the complex.

Investigators say Marshall broke up with Siler and became verbally abusive towards her following the eviction.  In retaliation, Siler accused Miller of having a "small penis."

That's when Marshall attacked the woman, Slapping her several times in the face and then biting the tip of her nose.

Marshall was booked into the Manatee County Jail and charged with felony domestic battery.

According to court records, Marshall and Siler have both been arrested on battery charges in Manatee County. Marshall's bond for this case has been set at $990.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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