November 15, 2012

Tammi Estep - Wife Stabs Husband After "Mary And Jesus" Told Her He Was Satan's Spawn

Horry County, South Carolina (The Weekly Vice) - Tammi Estep, a 36-year-old Horry County woman was jailed Friday after she allegedly stabbed her husband because "Mary and Jesus told her that he is Satan's spawn."

According to Horry County Police, Estep officers were dispatched to the family's residence after receiving a report of a domestic violence situation in progress.

When officers arrived on the scene, the couple's son met them on the front porch and told them that his mother had stabbed his father in the stomach. 

The 46-year-old father and his younger son left the residence before officers arrived and drove to Seacoast McLeod Hospital to have the stab wound treated.

While officers were speaking with the boy, Estep came out onto the porch and and stated that she stabbed her husband because Mary and Jesus told her that her husband was the spawn of Satan.  She went on to say that she was "sent to save the world."

Officers immediately placed her into custody.

Estep was booked into the Horry County Jail and charged with attempted murder. She is currently awaiting a bond hearing. Satan's spawn is currently recovering from his injuries.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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