November 18, 2012

Neil Sylvester - Charged After Ripping Metal Rods Out Of His Hand, Mailing Them To Terrified Ex-Girlfriend

Woburn, Massachusetts (The Weekly Vice) - Neil Sylvester, a 43-year-old Lowell man faces a long list of charges after he allegedly abused his girlfriend - then professed his love for her from behind bars by ripping surgically placed metal rods out of his hand and then mailing them to her.

According to police, Sylvester exploded into a rage last January when his girlfriend announced that she was breaking off their relationship. 

In retaliation, Sylvester allegedly punched the woman in the face, grabbed her by the throat and then threatened to kill her at knife-point.

Sylvester was eventually arrested and jailed, however, he became enraged again when he learned that she had sought a restraining order against him.  Sylvester punched a wall to demonstrate his rage, fracturing his hand in the process.

Doctors surgically placed steel rods inside his hand to aid in the healing process.  But instead of focusing on his problems, Sylvester harassed the woman from behind bars with hundreds of phone calls and numerous letters - begging the woman to drop the restraining order.

The ongoing harassment came to a head when the woman opened one of the letters and found a blood spattered letter inside.

"Holy Crap. Can you (believe) I pulled these out? I love and miss you sooo much," Sylvester reportedly wrote.

Sylvester was referring to two metal rods that he tore out of his hand and then mailed to his ex-girlfriend as "a token of love."

On Thursday, Sylvester pleaded not-guilty to charges of stalking, stalking in order, assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, four counts of violating a restraining order and three counts of witness intimidation.

He remains jailed in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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