November 13, 2012

Monica Mogg Had A Bloody Death Planned For Her Ex-Boyfriend And His New Girlfriend

Hackensack, N.J. (The Weekly Vice) - Monica Mogg, a 49-year-old New Jersey woman was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly shot her ex-boyfriend to death before fatally stabbing his new girlfriend.

According to police, officers were dispatched to 42-year-old Jung (Lillian) Kim's residence on Wednesday after the woman's family asked them to perform a "welfare check" on the woman. 

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Kim and her boyfriend, 52-year-old Arthur Noeldechan, dead inside the residence.

Mogg was previously involved in a relationship with Noeldechan and stalked him and his new girlfriend for several months after the relationship ended.

Investigators say Mogg drove to Kim's residence Tuesday evening, armed herself with a rifle and a knife, then entered the residence through an unlocked door. Mogg located Kim and her ex-boyfriend in an upstairs bedroom and used the rife to shoot Noeldechan to death.

With her ex-boyfriend out of the way, Mogg allegedly turned her attention to his new girlfriend.  That's when Mogg stabbed the woman to death as she struggled to defend herself.

Mogg then stole Noeldechan's wallet and fled the scene.

Police found the couple the next day and arrested Mogg a short time later.

Authorities have not yet released details about evidence that would tie Mogg to the murder scene, however, divers with the New York State police searched the Hudson River Thursday hoping to recover the rifle that was used in the shooting.  The rifle has not yet been recovered.

Monica Mogg was booked into jail and charged with two counts of felony murder, armed burglary, criminal weapons possession, destroying evidence, stalking and theft.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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