November 08, 2012

Man Snoozing In Corn Field Is Run Over By Combine, Survives

Billings, Mont. (The Weekly Vice) - An unidentified 57-year-old man was nearly turned into a cornmeal Wednesday when he was run over by a combine while taking a nap in a Montana corn field.

According to the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office, a man traveling across the country on a Greyhound bus made the wrong decision when he decided to take a nap in a farmer's corn field.

"He said that he stepped off the busy road and (walked) about three rows of corn into the field," according to Sheriff's Lt. Kent O'Donnell. "He said he didn't have intentions of sleeping, but fell asleep anyway."

Investigators say the farm owner was harvesting his corn crop that day when his combine began to shudder. 

"The farmer thought he had driven over a fence post or an irrigation pipe, but once he turned the machine off, he could hear a man screaming," said O'Donnell.

When the farmer walked around to the front of the combine, he found a man entangled in the machine's cutter blades.

Emergency responders disconnected the equipment's cutter drive system and manually rotated the blades backwards to release the man. 

The victim was transported to St. Vincent Hospital where he required stitches to several cuts and may require skin graphs.

"For this situation, the man is incredibly lucky to be alive," said O'Donnell. "And that's about all you can say about that."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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