November 20, 2012

Katie Miller - Jailed After Repeatedly Striking Ex-Boyfriend With Car, Running Him Over After She Noticed Her Car Was Damaged From The Assault

Fort Wayne, IN (The Weekly Vice) - Katie Miller, a 22-year-old Indiana woman, has been jailed after she allegedly ran into her boyfriend repeatedly with her car, then ran over his leg ash she fled the parking lot.

According to police, officers were called to an apartment complex parking lot after receiving a report of a 'hit and run' accident.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a man laying in the parking lot who was later diagnosed with a fractured leg.

The man told officers that his ex-girlfriend, Katie Miller, ran him over with her vehicle after the pair had an argument about their recent relationship.

Investigators say the incident began when Miller picked the victim up from a party and drove him back to the apartment so he could pick up his dog.

During the drive, Miller and the victim reportedly argued about his attendance at the party. When the pair arrived at the apartment complex, they began arguing about their relationship and the reasons behind their recent break-up.

At some point in the dispute, Miller ordered her ex-boyfriend out of the car, and he complied with her demand not realizing that he left his cell phone inside her car. As Miller started to pull out of the parking lot, the victim stepped in front of her vehicle and motioned towards the cell phone laying in the passenger's seat.

Miller ignored her ex boyfriend's gestures and repeatedly bumped him with her vehicle so he would move out of the way.  When the ex-boyfriend backed away from the car, Miller punched the gas and struck the victim, throwing him onto the hood of her car.

The victim grabbed a windshield wiper on the car to brace himself, however, he was thrown from the car. The windshield wiper was bent as a result.

When Miller noticed the damage to her car, she reportedly said "look what you did to my car" before fleeing the scene.

"I begged her to take me to the hospital, but she just looked at me and left," the ex-boyfriend told police.

Miller was booked into the Allen County Jail and charged with felony battery and criminal recklessness. Her bond has been set at $10,750.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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