November 15, 2012

Florida Man Jailed After Charging Cell Phone At Public Park - Police Officer Whines About Bad Economy

Sarasota, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Having solved Florida's most serious problems, Sarasota police officers are now free to focus on those particularly heinous crimes like..... charging a cell phone at a public park.

Darren Kersey, a 28-year-old Sarasota man was jailed Sunday after he used a power outlet at a public park to charge his cell phone.

According to Sarasota police, Kersey was reportedly charging his cell phone at a public picnic shelter at Gillespie park when a police sergeant approached him.

As officer reportedly told Kersey that "theft of city utilities will not be tolerated during this bad economy."

Kersey was booked into jail and charged with theft of utilities, which is a misdemeanor. He was unable to pay the $500 bond, and had to spend the night in jail.

Upon hearing the case the next morning, the Judge angrily threw out the case, stating that the officer had no legal authority to make the arrest.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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