October 09, 2012

Texas Teen Shoots Mother And Sister To Death - Says He Was Just Tired Of Everybody's Negative Attitude

Aledo, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Jake Evans, a 17-year-old Texas teen has been jailed after he allegedly shot his mother and sister to death, then called 911 to report their deaths.  He reportedly told 911 dispatchers that he "was just tired of everybody's negative attitude."

According to police, Evans contacted 911 dispatchers Friday morning and calmly informed them that he had just shot his mother and sister to death using a .22 caliber hand gun.

Investigators say Evans then spent the next 20 minutes telling a dispatcher why he murdered his sister and mother, and hinting that they didn't die quickly like he had hoped.

"I don't know, I wasn't even angry with them," said Evans during the call. "It just kind of happened. I've been kind of planning on killing for awhile now."

When asked about who he had planned to kill, Evans reported answered "pretty much anybody."

"I don't really like people's attitude," Evans explained. "They're verbally rude to each other and stuff like that."

Evans then went on to explain how each murder took place.

"(Mallory) was in her room, and she came out of her room and I shot her. She rolled down the stairs and I shot her again," said Evans. "And then I went down and I shot my mom maybe three or four times."

"I thought it would be quick, you know? I didn't want them to feel pain. That's why I used a gun, but it was like everything went wrong."

Police dispatchers kept Evans on the phone until officers arrived at the scene and took him into custody without incident. He was found standing outside the family's home with his hands on top of his head.  

Evans father was out of town on business at the time.  Mr. and Mrs. Evans also have two other daughters who no longer live at the residence.

Drugs or alcohol are not suspected in the case, and authorities have never been dispatched to the family's home in the past.

Evans was booked into jail and charged with capital murder. Bond has not yet been established in the case.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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