October 21, 2012

Shelia Eubanks - Woman Admits To Making Up Kidnapping Story To Get A Day Off Work

San Antonio, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Sheila Eubank, a 48-year-old San Antonio woman was jailed Wednesday after she pretended to have been kidnapped to get a day off from work and a little attention.

According to San Antonio police, on October 10th, an officer reportedly found Eubanks laying motionless in her vehicle, bound with a rope.

Eubanks allegedly told the officer that she had been kidnapped by an anonymous knife-wielding man, who jumped into her car and forced her to drive to an ATM machine to withdraw her money. The man then forced her to drive him around for 12 hours while he conducted alleged drug deals.

Investigators say detectives found inconsistencies with Eubank's story, especially when they found a lottery ticket in her purse that had been purchased at around the same time she was being held by a kidnapper, according to her story.

Detectives checked surveillance video from the store that sold the lottery ticket and saw Eubanks purchasing a lottery ticket by herself. She was seen in the video being polite and calm.  She did not appear to be distressed or anxious, according to police.

Confronted with the evidence police had, Eubanks admitted to making up the entire kidnapping story.  She stated that she made up the story in order to get a day off work and a little attention.

Eubank was booked into the Bexar County Jail and charged with aggravated perjury. Her bond was set at $10,000.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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