October 03, 2012

Patrick Linn Went Back For More - Jailed A Second Time For Having Sex With Neighbor's Horse

Quincy, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Patrick Linn, a 44-year-old Florida man who was jailed in 2010 for having sex with horses was arrested again Monday after he was allegedly caught in the same barn, apparently up to his old tricks.

Weekly Vice readers might remember Mr. Linn. We profiled his case after he was arrested in December 2010 for having sex with his neighbor's horse.

According to police, Linn was arrested again Monday morning after he allegedly broke into the same Gadsden County Barn and engaged in similar activity.

An investigation was launched Sunday night after surveillance video revealed a man entering private property and then entering the property owner's barn. The property owner then found a bottle of lubricant leading into the barn and noted that one of his animals had been "cleaned," according to the arrest affidavit.

Officers who set up a stake out Monday morning allegedly watched Linn enter the property and head for the barn. Linn fled the scene after officers identified themselves, however he was apprehended a short time later

Linn was booked into jail and charged with two counts of trespassing, one count of resisting an officer, two counts of burglary and two counts of sexual activities involving animals.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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