October 03, 2012

Michael Hurtado - Jailed After Stripping Naked, Making Out With U-Haul Steering Wheel

Tempe, Arizona (The Weekly Vice) - Michael Anthony Hurtado, a 20-year-old Arizona Man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly stripped naked and then made out with the steering wheel of a U-Haul truck while high on bath salts.

According to the Tempe Police Department, a witness told officers that Hurtado reportedly crashed his truck into a gate at a local parking garage, got out of his vehicle completely naked and then locked himself inside a U-haul truck that was parked inside the garage.

Investigators say when officers arrived on the scene, Hurtado was still inside the U-Haul truck, kissing the steering wheel. Hurtado was reportedly rambling and acting irrationally. He was apprehended and placed inside a squad car, where he began kissing the cage.

He later admitted that he had taken bath salts prior to the incident. He was then taken to a hospital for treatment, and arrested upon release.

Hurtado was booked into jail on charges of criminal damage, criminal trespass, and driving under the influence.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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