October 18, 2012

Katie Hightower - Teacher - Charged With Having Sex With Student After Football Scrimmage

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Pawnee County, OK (The Weekly Vice) - Katie Hightower, a 26-year-old teacher at Prue High School was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly had sex with a student.

According to the Pawnee County Sheriff's Office, an investigation was launched after Hightower allegedly purchased beer for a group of students - then disappeared into a bedroom to have sexual intercourse with one of the students.

Investigators say the incident began on August 16 when Hightower accompanied a group of high school students to and from a football scrimmage - sitting next to a 16-year-old male student during the trip.

After the scrimmage, Hightower and three students went to Keystone Lake for about an hour. During the lake visit, two of the students saw Hightower lay her head in the student's lap and refer to him as "babe."

Hightower then allegedly purchased beer for the students and then invited them to her home in Terlton.

The students told deputies that they drank the beer at Hightower's house, but decided to leave when Hightower and the boy disappeared into a bedroom. The students then left when it became obvious that Hightower and the boy were having sexual intercourse.

Although Hightower allegedly coached the two students not to talk about the incident, the students reported what they heard and saw to school officials.

Investigators searched Hightower's phone and discovered hundreds of text messages that she exchanged with the student during a four week period.

Hightower denied knowing that the student was at the lake or her house.  The student denied being at Hightower's house.  Both Hightower and the student denied having sexual intercourse.

Hightower was booked into jail and charged with second-degree rape and furnishing alcohol to a person under 21.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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