October 21, 2012

Joshua Pinney - Wins Award For Dumbest Identity Theft Outfit

Des Moines, Wash. (The Weekly Vice) - Joshua Pinney, a 30-year-old Washington man was jailed after he allegedly dressed up in a ridiculous outfit that he hoped would trick bank employees into issuing him a debit card using another man's identity.

According to police, Pinney walked into a Des Moines area Bank of America last June dressed as if he had been in a serious car accident.

Investigators say Pinney's head was wrapped in bandages and his hair was died salt and pepper gray in an attempt to resemble another man whose identity Pinney was attempting to steal.

Pinney reportedly handed the identification of an Oregon man to the branch manager and stated that he needed to replace a lost debit card. Pinney then asked the manager if he could sit down, explaining that he was in pain after being injured in a serious car accident.

The identification actually belonged to a Bank Of America customer whose car had been stolen recently. The victim's driver's license was inside the car at the time that it was stolen, and it was never recovered by police.

When the bank manager compared the picture ID to Pinney's costume, she recognized the outfit as an obvious fake and contacted police.

Officers arrived on the scene a few minutes later and instantly recognized Pinney's outfit as an obvious fraud.  Pinney reportedly "hung his head and stated 'I know,'" according to the arrest report.

Pinney then admitted that his bandages were not real and that he hadn't been in an accident. He then told police that the scheme was his girlfriend's idea and that she was waiting outside. 

Pinney was booked into jail and charged with 2nd-degree identity theft. He was scheduled to appear in court for an arraignment hearing on Thursday, but failed to show up.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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