October 30, 2012

Jessica Banks - Jailed After Making Up Story About Daughter's Death, Pocketing Hundreds In Donations For Fake Funeral

Memphis, Tennessee (The Weekly Vice) - Jessica Banks, a 24-year-old Memphis woman was jailed after she allegedly told her co-workers that her daughter had died of asthma, then accepted hundreds of dollars in donations for the girl's make-believe funeral.

According to police, Banks reportedly told her co-workers that her 22-month-old daughter had recently passed away after an asthma attack.

Banks then allegedly created a fake funeral program and showed it to co-worker in an effort to solicit donations from them. To make the funeral appear even more legitimate, Banks reportedly told co-workers that the funeral would be held at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Banks' co-workers took up a collection and gave her $410 to help with funeral expenses, however, when they arrived at the church to attend the funeral, Banks' story instantly fell apart.

During a police interview, Banks stated that she made up the story because she wanted someone to feel sorry for her and wanted to make friends. She went on to say that she had used the donations to buy clothes for her daughter.

Banks was booked into jail and charged with creating a false impression of death and theft of property. She was released after posting $100 bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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