October 22, 2012

Jargget Washington - Naked Carjacker Bites Off Own Finger, Swallows It

Jersey City, N.J. (The Weekly Vice) - Jargget Washington, a 29-year-old New Jersey man bit off and swallowed his own finger Sunday after he was arrested for trying to carjack a vehicle while naked.

According to police, Washington stripped naked in a Jersey City intersection and then began pounding his fists on random cars while screaming incoherently.

Investigators say Washington then jumped onto the hood and roof of a car before attempting to pull the driver out of his vehicle.

When officers arrived on the scene, Washington reportedly challenged them to a fight, however, he was eventually arrested and transported to a local hospital for a medical and psychological examination. Once Washington cleared the exams, he was placed in a police holding cell to await an initial hearing.

While in the holding cell, Washington allegedly became belligerent, spat on officers and ate the medical bracelet that was placed on his wrist at the hospital.

Washington then began gnawing away the flesh on his wrists in an effort to escape his handcuffs. Officers became concerned and transported Washington back to the hospital for a second medical and psychological exam.

Examiners cleared Washington once again and he was placed in a police cruiser for the trip back to jail. During the trip, Washington reportedly defecated in the back seat of the police cruiser and threw bodily fluids at an officer.

After Washington had been placed back into a holding cell, he reportedly bit off one of his fingers and then swallowed it. Washington was transported back to the hospital where he is currently being treated for his injuries.

Investigators believe Washington was high on PCP at the time.

Washington faces charges of carjacking and being under the influence of a controlled and dangerous substance, however, a final list of charges has not been released.

According to state records, Washington was released from prison in January after serving three years for selling narcotics.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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