October 16, 2012

Brother And Sister Charged With Stealing Television, Claimed They Were Having Sex In Bar Bathroom Instead

Update: October 20, 2012

Charges have been dropped against Amanda Larrivee.  

Amanda Larrivee reportedly stated that it was her brother who made the comment about having sex, not her.  And she told police that "he wasn't trying to steal the tv's, he was angry after seeing his ex-girlfriend."

The district attorney's office looked at the case and decided to drop the charges, according to Larrivee's attorney, Jack St. Clair.

Robert Larrivee pleaded "not guilty" during his arraignment hearing on Monday. His next court appearance has been scheduled for Dec. 4th.

Original Story:

Springfield, MA (The Weekly Vice) - Siblings Amanda Larrivee, 30 and Robert Larrivee, 38, were jailed Sunday after they told officers they were having sex in a bathroom after they were allegedly caught trying to steal a television from a local bar.

According to police, a woman was using the restroom at Samuel's Sports Bar in Springfield when she heard a man and a woman attempting to tear a television off the wall while she was inside the stall.

Police say the woman fled the bathroom and notified the bar manager - who then locked the brother-sister pair inside the bathroom before calling police.

When officers arrived on the scene, Amanda and Robert Larrivee claimed that they were merely having sex inside the bathroom and denied attempting to steal a television.

Robert Larrivee then allegedly threatened to "beat up" the arresting officer.

Investigators found two televisions that had been torn off the walls in both the womens' and mens' restrooms.

The Larrivees were booked into jail and charged with larceny over $250. Robert Larrivee was also charged with threat to commit a crime.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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