October 04, 2012

Abbie Arms - Jailed After Abandoning Baby On Sidewalk For Nearly An Hour To Answer Phone Call

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Newark, Del. (The Weekly Vice) - Abbie Arms, a 24-year-old Delaware woman was jailed Wednesday after she allegedly left her infant son unattended on a sidewalk for more than 45 minutes while she had more pressing matters to attend to.

According to police, officers were dispatched to the Glasgow Court Trailer Park Wednesday after a resident called to report that a woman set her infant child on a sidewalk, walked away, and never returned.

Investigators arrived on the scene a short time later and found an 11-month-old child that had been bucked into a car seat and then left unattended on the sidewalk.  The witness told police that she saw a woman dressed in shorts and a t-shirt leave the child on the sidewalk before walking away.

Additional officers were dispatched to the scene to assist in locating the child's mother. Officers searched the area for more than 45 minutes before eventually locating the mother at her residence in another part of the trailer park.

The mother, identified as Abbie Arms, told officers that she had become distracted by a phone call when she left her son behind.

Arms was booked into jail and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. She was released after posting $250 bail.

Note: The Weekly Vice has NEVER seen bail set at just $250 for a child endangerment charge.  WTF is the point of THAT?

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The Weekly Vice

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