September 02, 2012

Tara Jackson - Charged With Poisoning Live-In Boyfriend And Man She Was Having Affair With

Morganton, N.C. (The Weekly Vice) - Tara Jackson, a 22-year-old North Carolina woman was jailed Thursday after she allegedly poisoned her live-in boyfriend and a man she was allegedly having an affair with.

According to police, an investigation began after Jackson's lover was admitted into Carolinas Medical Center and Jackson stated that he had been poisoned with anti-freeze.

Although Jackson was not charged with the anti-freeze poisoning, investigators were able to link Jackson two instances in which her boyfriend and lover were both poisoned with muscle relaxers.

Investigators say Jackson admitted to placing crushed up muscle relaxers in food served to her boyfriend and lover. In one instance Jackson placed the muscle relaxers into a potato. In another instance, Jackson placed the muscle relaxers into a Mountain Dew.

Police say Jackson's lover lives just miles away from Jackson and her boyfriend and that the poisonings were likely a result of a "love triangle gone bad."

Jackson was booked into the Burke-Catawba District Confinement Facility and charged with two counts of distributing a poisonous substance in food. Her bond has been set at $25,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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