September 25, 2012

Patrick Myers - Jailed After Shooting Friend To Death While Trying To Cure Him Of The Hiccups

Killeen, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Patrick Myers, a 27-year-old South Carolina man was jailed Monday after he allegedly shot a friend in the face while trying to cure him of the hiccups.

According to police, Myers and two friends were watching a football game and drinking at his residence when one of the men developed a case of the hiccups.

That's when Myers allegedly grabbed a gun and pointed it at his friend in an attempt to scare the "hiccups" out of him.

Investigators say hiccups were the least of his friend's worries when the gun that was pointed at his face suddenly went off. The 22-year-old victim died at the scene.

Myers told detectives that the shooting was an accident and that he thought the gun had been loaded with "dummy rounds."

Myers was booked into the Bell County Jail and charged with manslaughter.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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