September 20, 2012

Pakistani Father Ties Daughter To Tree, Hacks Her To Death With Axe

Rawalpindi, Pakistan (The Weekly Vice) - Allah Ditta, a Pakistani man residing in Gorakhpur village was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly tied his daughter to a tree and hacked her to death with an axe because she had decided to accept a job at a beauty parlor.

According to Pakistani police, the father of a 32-year-old woman identified as "Shagufta" confessed to murdering his daughter after she accepted a job at a beauty parlor against his wishes.

Investigators say the woman's younger siblings watched in horror as their father tied their older sister to a tree and then hack her to death with axe.

"My father tied her to a tree in the jungle near our house and swung the axe at her neck, killing her instantly," stated the victim's younger sister. "Last night our father beat her up when she insisted on joining the parlor. Other family members intervened and the issue was settled for the time being."

That all changed a few hours later when the girl was awakened by a commotion in the house.  Both younger siblings watched as their father forced Shagufta out of the house while carrying a rope and an axe in his hand.

When police were notified later that morning, Ditta confessed to killing his daughter as investigators located the body and a blood-stained axe.

Shagufta had a young son and was divorced about three years prior. 

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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