September 23, 2012

Moserate Perez - Jailed After Intentionally Breaking Child's Leg Because Mother Threatened To Call Police

West Haven, Conn. (The Weekly Vice) - Monserate Perez, a 53-year-old Connecticut man was jailed Thursday after he intentionally broke a little girl's leg because the girl's mother had threatened to call police.

According to West Haven police, officers were dispatched to a local hospital after doctors determined that a 3-year-old girl's injuries didn't match the mother's explanation for those injuries.

Investigators say the mother claimed that her daughter's broken leg was a result of a fall, however, due to the severity of the injury, doctors rejected that explanation and called 911.

The mother later confessed that the girl was injured during a dispute she had with her boyfriend, Monserate Perez.

The woman stated that Perez had struck her during the altercation earlier that day.  When she told Perez that she was going to call police, Perez jumped on the child's leg until it snapped.

Perez was taken into custody Thursday night and charged with assault and risk of injury to a child.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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