September 05, 2012

Michael Gelovich - Charged With Attacking Family Over Stinky Chicken

Odessa, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Michael Gelovich, a 56-year-old Odessa man was jailed after he allegedly attacked his father and sister over some bad chicken.

According to police, Gelovich attacked his family after his 74-year-old father accidentally brought spoiled chicken to his residence during a planned family dinner.

When Gelovich discovered his father had spoiled the dinner with stinky chicken, he retaliated by punching his father in the face and then shoving him to the floor.

Gelovich's sister, who was also attending the dinner, tried to stop the attack by hitting Gelovich with a water bottle. Gelovich responded by punching his sister to the ground and repeatedly kicking her.

Unsatisfied with how things were going so far, Gelovich upped the ante by grabbing a potato peeler and then threatening to kill his sister with it. The fight was finally broken up when Gelovich's cousin intervened and sent the family home.

Both Gelovich's father and sister sustained injuries from the attack.

Gelovich was booked into jail and charged with battery on a person over 65 and domestic aggravated assault.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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