September 10, 2012

Laurie Kelly - Teachers Aide - Jailed After Leaving 6-Year-Old Daughter At Park To Have Sex With Two Men

Mesa, AZ (The Weekly Vice) - Laurie Kelly, a 43-year-old teacher's aide at Whitman Elementary School was jailed Tuesday after she allegedly left her 6-year-old daughter with two strangers for hours so she could have sex with two men.

According to police, Kelly approached two strangers at Evergreen Park and offered to buy them beer if they would watch her 6-year-old daughter for a few hours.

Kelly allegedly told the strangers that she was "off to make some money." Police later learned that Kelly left the child at the park to have sex with two men in exchange for money.

Investigators say officers arrived on the scene to find Kelly sitting in a grassy area with a man. When questioned, Kelly admitted to leaving the child with strangers so that she could have sex with two men. She stated that she needed to "make some money" but knew she was putting her daughter in danger.

Kelly went on to say that she had "a manic sexual rage inside her" which she couldn't control.

Witnesses told police that several different people watched the child for more than four hours and that the little girl didn't have water - it was especially hot that day.

Kelly was booked into jail and charged with suspicion of child abuse. She has also been placed on paid leave by the school while the investigation continues.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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