September 06, 2012

Julia Munoz Huaman - Jailed After Slicing Off Boyfriend's Penis, Flushing It Down Toilet

Brena, Peru (The Weekly Vice) - Julia Muñoz Huaman, a 41-year-old Peruvian woman has been jailed after she allegedly cut off her sleeping boyfriend's penis and then flushed it down the toilet.

According to Brena police, Huaman and her boyfriend, 46-year-old Ramon Arias Apaico, were staying at a hostel in Brena when hospitality staff members heard cries of anguish coming from one of their guests.

It didn't take long before hostel staff figured out something was seriously wrong as Huaman attempted to flee the scene while her boyfriend wailed with anguish - blood streaming from his groin area.

Arriving officers questioned Huaman who admitted to slicing off her boyfriend's penis and then flushing it down the toilet. She told investigators she decided to cut off the man's penis after learning that he had been unfaithful to her.

Video cameras rolled as Apaico was wheeled to an ambulance cuffing what was left of his dismembered member. Huaman shouted defiantly to the crowd as she was led away in handcuffs.

Apaico was transported to a hospital in Lima where doctors and urologists attempted to repair the damage. Hospital staff estimated that Apaico will be hospitalized for at least 10 days before he is stable enough to be released. Even at that point, Apaico will likely require additional medical attention to keep the injury free of infection.

Huaman was booked into jail, however, specific charges in the case have not yet been announced.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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