September 05, 2012

Gerome Robinson To Police "The Devil Tried To Rape Her In My Body"

Lake City, Fla. (The Weekly Vice) - Gerome Robinson, an 18-year-old Florida man accused of attempting to rape a 13-year-old girl, told police "the devil tried to rape her in my body."

According to Lake City Police, a 13-year-old girl was walking to her grandmother's house when Robinson approached her and asked if she wanted to "hang out."

When the girl told Robinson "No," Robinson responded by pushing the girl into his backyard, stripping naked and then attempting to undress the victim.

At some point in the struggle the girl broke free and ran. Robinson tried to chase the girl but was stopped in his tracks by his mother. He was taken back inside until police arrived a short time later.

During a police interview, Robinson stated that "the devil tried to rape (the girl) in my body." Both Robinson and his devil counterpart were apprehended.

Robinson was booked into jail and charged with battery and lewd or lascivious battery. His bond has been set at $55,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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