September 04, 2012

Brian Cooper - Man Charged With Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend, Sexually Assaulting Her Deceased Body

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Brian Cooper, a 35-year-old Illinois man was jailed after he allegedly killed his pregnant girlfriend, then had sex with her deceased body.

According to police, Brian Cooper and his girlfriend were in Wisconsin for a wedding when the victim became frustrated with Cooper and decided to end her relationship with him.

The couple was staying at a resort in Nasewaupee and had returned to the resort after attending the wedding.

The victim, who we are not identifying, fell asleep at the hotel while Cooper watched her and drank beer for more than two hours. When the victim woke up, Cooper allegedly jumped on top of her, placed his hands around her neck and choked her to death.

He then sexually assaulted the woman's dead body.

Investigators say Cooper covered the victim's naked body with a blanket because he felt it was the "respectful thing to do". He then attempted suicide several times before calling 911 from a gas station where he was later apprehended.

The victim, who was six-and-a-half months pregnant, reportedly begged for her life and told Cooper to "think of the baby" during the alleged attack. An autopsy completed on Wednesday determined that the woman was suffocated to death.

Cooper was booked into the Door County Jail and charged with first-degree murder.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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