August 13, 2012

Melody Lehigh - Jailed After Crawling Into Neighbor's Bed To Avoid Arrest, Admitted To Being "Drunk And Crazy"

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York, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Melody Lehigh, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman was jailed Friday after she allegedly crawled into a man's bed while attempting to elude police.

According to police, officers were dispatched to an apartment complex after a fight between Lehigh and her boyfriend sparked a noise complaint.

Officers arrived on the scene to find a trail of blood leading from the couple's apartment to a public restroom at the apartment complex. When officers opened the restroom door, they found Lehigh's intoxicated boyfriend inside.

The boyfriend, who had blood on his clothing, told officers that Lehigh had crawled out of the bathroom through a window about 20 minutes prior to their arrival.

A short time later, the officer heard caughing coming from a second-floor apartment balcony. When the officer looked to see where the noise was coming from, he spotted Lehigh hiding on another resident's balcony. Before the officer had a chance to respond, Lehigh allegedly head-butted the window and crawled into the resident's apartment.

Officers went to the apartment and found Lehigh, who was attempting to crawl into bed with a man who lives inside the apartment. Lehigh told officers that she had been inside the apartment the entire time.

As the officer attempted to handcuff Lehigh, she shouted expletives and repeatedly kicked him in the groin. The officer was eventually forced to use a stun gun to bring Lehigh into compliance.

The officer noted in his report that Lehigh was covered in blood, had a bloody nose and was covered with black marks. Lehigh refused treatment stating that she "refused to be a victim" and that she received the injuries from "being drunk and crazy."

Lehigh was booked into jail and charged with aggravated assault, burglary, resisting arrest, criminal trespass and criminal mischief. She was also taken into custody on three outstanding warrants for harassment.

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The Weekly Vice

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