August 26, 2012

Maricela Sanchez - Charged With Dragging Dog Behind Truck, Claiming She Was Taking Dog For Walk

Marble Falls, TX (The Weekly Vice) - Maricela Sanchez, a 27-year-old Texas woman has been jailed after she allegedly leashed a dog to her truck's rear bumper and took the dog for a walk drag.

According to Marble Falls police, officers were dispatched after witnesses saw a truck dragging a 5-pound terrier on an asphalt road using a 15 foot leash.

An officer located the truck and identified the driver as Maricela Sanchez. Sanchez told the officer that she was merely trying to take the dog for a walk.

Investigators say the dog was injured while trying to keep up with Sanchez.

"The way the (dog's) pads were, they were completely gone like as if you or I had the skin on the bottom of our feet completely worn down until the bottom of our muscle," said Jacey Furguson, a spokesperson for Marble Falls Animal Control.

Sanchez was booked into jail and charged with animal cruelty. The dog, named Mimi has been placed in foster care and is recovering from her injuries.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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