August 16, 2012

Christian Hobbs - Jailed After Living Under Woman's Trailer For Days - Peeping, Masturbating And Recording Videos Of Woman And Nude Son

Salem, N.H. (The Weekly Vice) - Christian Hobbs, a 44-year-old Massachusetts man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly spent two days hiding under a woman's trailer peeping on her in the bathroom and recording videos of her nude son.

According to Salem police, Hobbs agreed to install two baby monitors in trailer that he sold to a mother and her young son - installing one baby monitor in a bedroom and the other monitor in a dryer duct.

Investigators say Hobbs used the opportunity to also cut holes into the floor of the trailer and an air vent that led to the trailer's restroom.

On Wednesday, the woman was using the restroom when she noticed Hobbs looking up at her from the air duct on the floor. When she moved in for a closer look, he said "hello" before fleeing the scene.

When police caught up to Hobbs a short time later, he reportedly admitted "I did it, it was me under the trailer."

During the subsequent investigation, police discovered that Hobbs had lived under the trailer for two days, storing food, beverages and tissues so he wouldn't miss a thing. Police say Hobbs videotaped the woman while she was in the bathroom and recorded her son while he was nude.

Hobbs also admitted to masturbating under the trailer.

He was booked into jail and charged with prowling, violation of privacy and manufacturing child pornography.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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