July 26, 2012

William Bonner - Bar Idiot - Becomes Human Torch After Challenging Friends To Set His Head On Fire

Augusta, GA (The Weekly Vice) - William Bonner, a 36-year-old Georgia man, was feeling a little light headed Friday night after he allegedly challenged his bar buddies to set his head on fire.... and they did.

According to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, Bonner was drinking with friends at a local tavern when he challenged two friends to douse his head with high-proof 151 Bacardi and then set his head on fire.

Bar surveillance cameras captured the results after one of the bar patrons flicked a lighter, causing Bonner's head to erupt into an instant fireball. The video below shows Bonner's head exploding into flames while bar patrons enjoy the show.

"It was the longest ten seconds you could think of," said Adam Harden, who watched Bonner become a human torch. "All of us just stopped."

Investigators say Bonner stumbled around for a few moments before bar patrons doused out the flames with their drinks. Bonner was taken to Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center where he was airlifted to the Joseph M Still Burn Center in Augusta.

Bonner was released on Monday, although his condition is unknown. Authorities will not be filing charges in the case, stating that Bonner was a willing participant in the ordeal.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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