July 22, 2012

Tonya Fowler Had An Eye For Bad Mugshots - Called 911 To Complain After Seeing Mugshot In Local Publication

Winder, GA. (The Weekly Vice) - Tonya Fowler, a 45-year-old Georgia woman was jailed Saturday after she allegedly called 911 to complain about her mugshot.

According to Winder Police, Fowler called 911 after she picked up a copy of "Bad and Busted" and didn't like the way her mugshot looked in it. Bad and Busted is a local publication that features recent mugshots from the area.

When officers arrived on the scene, Fowler explained her displeasure with the mugshot and complained that she had been kicked out of a residence because the homeowner didn't want her bags in their living room. The officer checked with the homeowner who confirmed that Fowler was no longer welcome at the residence.

The officer placed Fowler into custody after explaining that 911 is for emergencies, not general complaints.

Fowler was booked into the Barrow County Jail and charged with misuse of 911. She was released without bail.

During the booking process, Fowler was generously afforded the opportunity to take a new mug shot. We'll let readers determine whether or not the new mugshot is much of an improvement.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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