July 22, 2012

Richard Schenfield - Runs Over And Kills Pedestrian During Beer Run, Continues With Beer Run

Winter Haven, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Richard Schenfield, a 21-year-old Florida man was jailed Friday after he allegedly struck and killed a pedestrian before fleeing the scene to purchase alcohol.

According to the Polk County Sheriff's Office, Schenfield reportedly struck and killed 51-year-old William Moates, then left the scene to purchase alcohol at a local convenience store.

Investigators say officers stopped Schenfield at the scene of the accident as he was traveling back home from the store. Schenfield denied having any knowledge of the accident, however, officers found evidence under his vehicle that tied him to the accident.

Detectives also obtained surveillance video from the convenience store that showed Schenfield examining the front bumper of his car before going in to purchase alcohol. Schenfield examined his vehicle a second time when he returned to his vehicle.

Schenfield was booked into jail and charged with leaving the scene of a crash with a fatality, and failure to obtain a valid driver's license.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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