July 18, 2012

Mass Insanity Unfolds As Flash Mob Invades Florida Wal-Mart

Jacksonville, FLA (The Weekly Vice) - A Jacksonville Wal-Mart was the latest flash mob target as hundreds of youth stormed the department store late Saturday night, destroying merchandise and alarming store employees.

According to police, officers broke up a house party earlier in the evening after receiving a complaint that someone had been shot. Officers arrived to find at least one victim, while several others reported hearing gun fire.

Instead of dispersing as ordered, the group ignited a flash mob that involved more than 300 disgruntle party goers. The mob moved two miles west to a local Wal-Mart where witnesses reported hearing more gunfire at around 11:20 p.m..

A video that was uploaded to YouTube captured the scene as hundreds of youth stormed the thrift store en mass.

Merchandise was stolen and property damaged as the mob invaded the check out areas and other store departments. A store security scanner was also damaged as the mob exited the store and fled the scene.

Detectives are now studying the video to see if anyone who participated in the flash mob can be identified.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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