July 05, 2012

Joshua Garlathy - Deadbeat Dad Who Fled State Is Lured Back Using Fake Movie Role Offer

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Allentown, PA (The Weekly Vice) - Joshua Garlathy, a 40-year-old Hawaii man was jailed after he allegedly ran from his child support payments for 19 years, then was lured back to his home state of Pennsylvania on the promise that he was going to star in a movie with Jennifer Aniston.

According to Allentown police, bounty hunter Scott Bernstein devised a plan to lure Garlathy back to Pennsylvania, where he was wanted by police for owing more than $32,000 in back child support.

Bernstein allegedly tracked Garlathy down and discovered that he was working at a cafe in Hawaii, living on a beach, and looking for a girlfriend who was into smoking marijuana, according to various Facebook and Craigslist postings.

The state refused to incur the expense of having Garlathy extradited back to Pennsylvania, so the bounty hunter looked for a way to lure him back on a voluntary basis.

Investigators say Bernstein contacted Garlathy through Facebook and told him that he was interested in casting him in a role for a romantic comedy/action film starring Jennifer Aniston and Daniel Greg.

Bernstein told Garlathy that a talent scout had seen him play guitar in the cafe where he worked and suggested him for the part. Garlathy was asked to come to Pennsylvania so that the casting process could be completed.

Garlathy took the bait and flew to Pennsylvania despite knowing that he had warrants for his arrest. He was apprehended on a plane in front of about 250 people.

Garlathy reportedly has two more children in Canada that he also refuses to support. He fled from Canada after authorities there also issued a warrant for his arrest.

Garlathy was booked into jail and charged with willful failure to pay child support. He was released after paying $10,000 towards the back support he owes. He was sentenced to to 90 days of probation.

Garlathy's estranged daughter, who is now 19 years old, was in court when her father received his sentence. The arrest was filmed as part of a reality show that features deadbeat dads that are arrested and brought to justice.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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