July 29, 2012

Jason Scarcello - Charged With Downloading Child Porn, Conspiring To Kidnap, Cook And Eat Small Children

Anderson, Calif. (The Weekly Vice) - Jason Scarcello, a 42-year-old California man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly downloaded child porn and conspired to kidnap, murder, cook and eat young children.

According to police, another arrest has been made in what authorities have deemed a large child pornography ring in which the suspects are accused of possessing graphic child pornography and engaging in discussions about raping, killing, cooking and then eating young children.

Scarcello's arrest follows the arrest of Ronald Brown in Largo, Florida, Micheal Arnett of Kansas City, Missouri and 10 other suspects in the U.S. who have been arrested during the operation.

Investigators say Scarcello, who is married and the legal guardian of two children, possessed multiple CDs and DVDs that depicted prepubescent children being sexually abused by adults. Some images showed the bodies of children who had been murdered, dismembered or cut open during an autopsy, according to Homeland Security Special Agent, Gene Kizenko.

Many of the gruesome images were traded through "peer to peer" file sharing networks, according to the arrest affidavit.

Investigators also monitored chat discussions in which Scarcello allegedly fantasized about kidnapping, murdering, cooking and then eating child victims.

"Just being able to finally SEE an actually (sic) child cooking would be a dream come true," said Scarcello in one chat conversation. "I really am hoping that I can find some attainable targets up here."

Scarcello allegedly stated that he would like to try eating one child and didn't have a concern for any of his potential targets, according to the arrest affidavit. Scarcello also discussed kidnapping a child, torturing the victim and then eating them.

"One thing I always forget to ask you is what do you keep in your van, like what's a good hunting kit and supplies do you have," Scarcello asked during a chat session. "My ideal coarse (sic) would be to have a partner to do it with and learn from, but the reality of it is that I'd probably have to do it alone. I'd say my concerns of doing it are really only in the getting caught."

I've been a part of this investigation for a while. Everything's horrific about it," stated ICE investigator Ross Feinstein. "The level of discussion of exploitation of children is the most disturbing I've ever seen.

Agents were searching Scarcello's home Wednesday when his wife and their two children returned home from an outing. Scarcello's wife took the children inside while investigators questioned him at the scene.

Scarcello reportedly told detectives that his computer had a virus that caused his computer to download things that were beyond his control. He later admitted to possessing graphic child pornography when investigators discovered that he had stored the images on CDs and DVDs.

The CDs and DVDs that contained the images were stored in small purple bag that was labeled "Jason's Downloaded CDs - HANDS OFF - That means you, Hunny Bunny!"

Scarcello was booked into the Sacramento County Jail and charged with suspicion of possessing and distributing child pornography. Other charges are pending as the investigation continues.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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