July 05, 2012

James Seehaus - Jailed After Robbing Convenience Store Because His Fiance Refused To Have Sex With Him

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Palm Bay, FL (The Weekly Vice) - James Seehaus, a 25-year-old Florida man was jailed Thursday after he allegedly robbed a store, then told police he committed the robbery because his fiance refused to have sex with him.

According to police, Seehaus entered a 7-Eleven convenience store with a BB gun, pointed the gun at the cashier and demanded all of the money in the cash register.

A Palm Bay police officer spotted Seehaus as he attempted to flee the scene with the cash. The officer stopped Seehaus about a half mile away from the store and found a BB gun in the back seat.

The clerk who was on duty at the time of the robbery identified Seehaus as the robber. Seehaus was subsequently taken to jail and charged with suspicion of robbery.

During a police interview, Seehaus told investigators that he would have committed more robberies had he not been caught. He also stated that he committed the robbery out of frustration because his fiance had been refusing to have sex with him.

He further stated that the money in his wallet belonged to the store and that he decided to rob the store because he needed the money to buy car insurance.

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