July 15, 2012

Diana And Samuel Franklin - Charged With Confining Teen To Chicken Coup, Forcing Her To Wear Shock Collar

Butler, GA (The Weekly Vice) - Diana and Samuel Franklin of Franklin County, Georgia were Jailed Tuesday after they allegedly confined their adoptive daughter to a chicken coup and forced her to wear a shock collar.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, an investigation was launched on May 30 at the request of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office after receiving a report of suspected child abuse involving the couple's 15-year-old adopted daughter.

Investigators say the Diana and Samuel Franklin abused the girl by locking her inside a storage shed, a chicken coup and an outhouse for days at a time - regardless of the weather. The couple also placed a shock collar on the teen, which was activated by a remote transmitter.

The teen was placed into temporary protective custody while detectives continued the investigation. After the couple's arrest on Tuesday, detectives found the shock collar in plain sight on a table.

A neighbor stated that Diana Franklin would also punish the girl by feeding her bread and water for several days at a time. Franklin reportedly told the neighbor that she was "doing what the bible says."

Diana Franklin was booked into jail and charged with 12 counts of cruelty to children and 4 counts of false imprisonment.

Samuel Franklin was charged with 8 counts of child cruelty and 8 counts of false imprisonment.

The couple has since been released on bail.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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