July 10, 2012

Angela Hardman Magically Turned A $4,000 Engagement Ring Into A $600 Pawn Shop "Blow Out" Special

Sandy, Utah (The Weekly Vice) - Angela Winters Hardman, a 38-year-old Utah woman was jailed after she allegedly stole a $4,000 diamond ring from a department store, swallowed it, and then pawned it after it came out the other end.

According to police, Hardman entered a Macy's department store outside Salt Lake City and asked if she could try on some of the store's jewelry. An employee obliged, and let her try on a $4,000 engagement ring.

When it was time to put the ring back, Hardman claimed that she couldn't remove it from her finger and told the employee that she needed lotion to get it off. When the employee turned around, Hardman removed the ring and swallowed it. She then handed the employee a different ring that the employee recognized as fake.

Investigators say the clerk called store security, but Hardman was released after the officer was unable to find the ring on her person. Hardman later admitted to swallowing the ring after detectives had an opportunity to review surveillance camera footage that reportedly captured the theft.

Hardman also told detectives that she pawned the ring for $600 after waiting for it to pass through her system.

She was booked into jail and charged with felony retail theft.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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