June 25, 2012

James Tindell - Convicted Robber Who Fled The State And Taunted Judge, Tracked Down Via His Facebook Account

James Tindell Facebook

Portland, Oregon (The Weekly Vice) - James Tindell, a 27-year-old Portland resident was jailed after he allegedly violated his probation, fled the state, then taunted the county judge on Facebook.

That is until he was caught.

According to police, Tindell was convicted of robbery in 2010, but was offered probation in lieu of a 70-month jail sentence if he complied with the rules of his probation.

Instead of cooperating with his probation, Tindell allegedly stopped attending his drug treatment classes and checking in with his probation officer.

Tindell then fled the state while using Facebook to complain about the judge and mock his probation officer.

Investigators say Tindell began posting demeaning messages on Facebook about the Multnomah County Judge who sentenced him. He also taunted his probation officer by posting messages like "catch me if you can" and "the 1 who got away."

Tindell's last little jab came in in May when he posted "poolside is where you can find me."

Officers monitored Tindell's Facebook page, and discovered that he had fled to Alabama. They were able to narrow down Tindell's location after his girlfriend posted a sonogram photo that had the hospital's name printed on it.

Tindell's probation officer asked prosecutors for a nationwide arrest warrant, which was granted and signed by Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber.

With the new warrant in place, Tindell was arrested after he was pulled over in Daphne, Alabama after an officer stopped him for speeding.

Officials extradited Tindell back to Oregon where he stood before the judge he had previously taunted.

"Mr. Tindell," said the judge. "You turned in some good periods of performance. And then for whatever reason, you decided that you had had enough and you just took off, and you never looked back."

Tindell began to weep in court and pleaded with the judge for leniency.

That's when judge Eric. J. Block brought a quick end to Tindell's crying.

"Sir, you could have stayed her and done treatment. You decided to run away. So how could you now be asking for me to give you another chance to avoid prison?"

Tindell reportedly replied, with tears still in his eyes "I messed up."

The judge agreed with Tindell, immediately sentencing him to 30 months in prison. Tindell was also ordered to reimburse the state $2,600 for transporting him back to Oregon.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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