June 11, 2012

Ice Cream Truck Drivers Come To Blows Over Territory - Caught On Video

Blackburn, UK (The Weekly Vice) - Two ice cream truck drivers came to blows over a territory dispute that was caught on camera and then uploaded to YouTube.

According to Lancashire police, a territorial dispute turned into a brawl between the driver of a Mr. Yummy ice cream truck and the driver of a Mr. Whippy ice cream truck.

Mr. Ramzan, the driver of the Mr. Yummy truck can be seen in the video smashing the window of the Mr. Whippy truck, which is operated by Mohammed Mulla.

Mulla appears to retaliate by driving his Mr. Whippy truck into the Mr. Yummy truck.

Witnesses say Mulla was serving a customer ice cream in his territory, when Ramzan pulled up and offered to sell the same ice cream for a lower price. Ramzan then pulled his truck past the Mr. Whippy truck and cut off his route. The altercation turned violent from there.

Mulla told police that he didn't intend to drive his truck into the Mr. Yummy truck.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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