June 04, 2012

Billy Jack Won't Be Welcomed Back - Intoxicated Man Charged With Disrupting School Choir Concert, Brawling With Police

Shakopee, MN (The Weekly Vice) - Billy Jack Melton, a 43-year-old Georgia man was jailed Thursday after he allegedly became unruly at school choir concert, challenged the school principal to a fight, then brawled with police officers who were trying to arrest him.

According to Shakopee Police, Melton was attending a choir concert with his girlfriend Thursday night when the school principal asked him to leave because he was intoxicated, acting unruly and going into areas of the school that were off-limits to visitors.

At one point Melton reportedly got up on stage to videotape his girlfriend's daughter as she sang, which angered the choir director. School officials demanded that he leave the facility so children could perform without distractions.

Once outside, Melton tore off his shirt and challenged the school principal to a fight. When the principal refused, Melton got into an SUV with his girlfriend and began to drive away.

As Melton was attempting to exit the parking lot - still intoxicated - he saw police officers arriving on the scene and decided to switch places with his girlfriend so he wouldn't be caught behind the wheel.

When officers asked him to step out of a vehicle, Melton refused and instead took a swing at one of the officers. Melton then slammed a police officer into a parked car while his girlfriend and her 5-year-old daughter begged him to stop.

Melton then jumped on top of an officer, began striking him and attempted to grab his gun. Three officers sustained injuries before they were able to place him into custody.

Melton was booked into the Scott County Jail and charged with attempting to disarm an officer, two counts of fourth-degree assault on an officer, fourth-degree assault, driving while intoxicated and refusing to submit to a breath test.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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