May 28, 2012

Tony McDaniels Had A "Mother-In-Law" Fetish

Salisbury, North Carolina (The Weekly Vice) - Tony McDaniel, a Salisbury man was jailed Thursday after he was allegedly caught peeping at his mother-in-law.

According to Salisbury police, McDaniel's mother-in-law was in her bedroom with the window open when she suddenly detected a smell coming through the window that she was all too familiar with.

It was the smell of her son-in-law, who often came home from his restaurant job smelling like BBQ.

Concerned with the idea of her son-in-law lurking outside her bedroom window, the woman called police.

Officers spoke to the victim's neighbor, who gave them a license-plate number and description of a vehicle that was parked nearby. They also gave a description of a man that had been seen prowling in the area.

Officers searched the area outside the victim's home and found enough evidence to arrest McDaniel. Initially, he denied being in the area, but when officers identified his vehicle, he admitted to peeping at his mother-in-law.

McDaniel was booked into jail and charged with secretly peeping into an occupied residence.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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