May 27, 2012

Maria Rios-Garcia - Mother Charged With Gouging Out Son's Eyeballs With Her Fingers After He Refused To Pray

Mexico City, Mexico (The Weekly Vice) - Maria del Carmen Rios-Garcia, a 28-year-old Nezahualcoyotl woman was jailed Thursday after she allegedly gouged out her son's eyes when he refused to close them for prayer.

According to police, Rios-Garcia and other family members had gathered together for a ritualistic prayer ceremony when they noticed that Rios-Garcia's 5-year-old son wasn't joining in during prayer.

When Rios-Garcia told the boy to close his eyes, and he refused, she suddenly attacked the boy, digging his eyeballs out with her bare hands.

Rios-Garcia's 22-year-old sister joined in the attack, holding the boy down while his mother used her fingers to pry the boy's eyeballs from their sockets.

Investigators say 8 family members were present when the attack began. The family had gathered together to prepare for "the end of the world" which they believed would take place on Monday, May 28. As the attack unfolded, a 17-year-old family member ran out of the house screaming "They're killing my nephew," according to witnesses.

Officers arrived on scene to find Rios-Garcia carrying the maimed boy in her arms. Investigators believe she was under the influence of drugs during the attack and was covered in her son's blood. Preliminary statements by family members indicate that the family had intended to kill the boy to "prevent the end of the world."

Mexican health officials say the boy lost both eyes and suffers some leakage of cerebral fluid, but is expected to survive.

Rios-Garcia and 7 other people are being detained pending formal charges.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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