May 20, 2012

Joshua Rhoads - Charged With Abusing Child Because Girlfriend Wasn't Driving Fast Enough

Daytona Beach, FL (The Weekly Vice) - Joshua Rhoads, a 31-year-old Florida man has been jailed after he allegedly grabbed his girlfriend's toddler out of a car and threw him to the ground because the woman wasn't driving fast enough.

According to police, Rhoads became angry when his girlfriend wasn't driving fast enough down Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona Beach.

In retaliation, Rhoads stomped on the woman's right foot, forcing her to foot against the car's accelerator.

When the woman tried to slow down, Rhoads reportedly struck her in the face.

Investigators say the woman stopped the car at 1440 S. Ridgewood Ave., which infuriated Rhoads further. That's when he allegedly stepped out of the car, opened the rear door and yanked his girlfriend's son out of the back seat.

Rhoads then reportedly threw the toddler 8 feet into the air.

The child landed on pavement, causing minor injuries to his back. When the child's mother went to check on her son, Rhoads allegedly struck her in the face again. Several customers at a nearby coffee shop witnessed the incident.

Rhoads then got back into the vehicle and fled the scene.

Rhoads was booked into jail and charged with child abuse and domestic battery.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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