May 17, 2012

John Reutcke - Jailed After Faking Stroke At Hospital To Receive Pain Meds

Mobile, Alabama (The Weekly Vice) - John Theodore Reutcke, a 55-year-old Mobile resident was jailed after he allegedly faked a stroke so he could receive pain medicine.

According to Mobile Police, Reutcke checked himself into the Springhill Medical Center, complaining of having stroke-like symptoms.

Medical staff performed several procedures on Reutcke and determined that he never had a stroke. They also discovered that he used a false name false social security number, fraudulent insurance coverage information and fabricated veteran benefits when he checked into the hospital.

Reutcke reportedly received more than $20,000 in hospital services that were never required, according to detectives.

Investigators say the hospital contacted police, who discovered that this was not the first time Reutcke committed a crime of this nature.

He has a long criminal history in several states dating back to 1992, including 5 arrests for attempting fraud at hospitals in California, Washington, and Florida.

Reutcke was booked into jail and charged with theft by deception. He was denied bond, and officers consider him a flight risk.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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