May 24, 2012

Jessica Strahl - Jailed After Attacking Disabled Mother, Ripping Jewelry From Mother's Neck

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Indianapolis, IN (The Weekly Vice) - Jessica Strahl, a 28-year-old Indiana woman was jailed Thursday after she allegedly attacked her disabled mother when her mother refused to give her money.

According to Indianapolis Metro Police, Strahl became angry last Friday when she asked her mother for money, but her mother refused to give her any.

The victim, a double-amputee who relies on a cane to walk, refused the request even when Strahl insisted that people were "after her."

In retaliation, Strahl allegedly pushed her mother to the ground and ripped two gold necklaces from her mother's neck. Strahl then stole her mother's cane, rendering her incapacitated.

The victim suffered injuries to her back and arm as a result of the confrontation.

Strahl reportedly fled the home in a red pickup truck and pawned the jewelry at a local pawn shop. She remained a fugitive of justice for nearly a week before she was finally tracked down and arrested.

Strahl was booked into jail on a preliminary charge of robbery. Assault charges may be pending as the investigation continues.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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