May 22, 2012

Jerald Reiter - Charged With Driving Drunk With Zebra And Parrot Inside Truck

Dubuque, IA (The Weekly Vice) - Jerald Reiter, a 56-year-old Iowa man was arrested Sunday night after he was allegedly caught trying to drive drunk while a zebra and a parrot rode shotgun in the seat next to him.

According to police, officers stopped Reiter as he climbed into a truck parked at the Dog House Bar and attempted to operate the vehicle while he was intoxicated.

When officers approached the vehicle, Reiter was found seated next to a zebra and a parrot.

Reiter told investigators that the animals were his pets and that the bar allows him to bring the animals inside when they are not serving food.

Several bar patrons were taking photos of the animals - one of which is believed to have contacted police. Reiter disputed his arrest, telling officers that he was about to let a passenger drive his truck.

Reiter was charged with driving under the influence. The fate of the animals found at the scene were not disclosed in the report.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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