May 22, 2012

Glenn Smith - Jailed After Threatening To Behead Girlfriend With Samurai Sword Over Cell Phone Number

Vadnais Heights, MN (The Weekly Vice) - Glenn Smith, a 50-year-old Minnesota man was jailed Monday after he allegedly threatened to behead his girlfriend after she deleted the number to what she believed was his meth dealer.

According to police, Smith's girlfriend got into hot water with her boyfriend after she deleted a number to what she believed was a meth dealer from Smith's phone.

After deleting the number, she left the couple's home to run errands.

At about 2 p.m. that afternoon, Smith discovered that the number had been deleted and called his girlfriend to confront her about it.

When the woman returned home a short time later, she found Smith sharpening a Samurai sword in the couple's garage. When the woman asked Smith how he was doing, he allegedly lifted the sword above his had and asked "Want me to cut your head off?"

When the woman went back into the home to check on her son, Smith followed her while smashing a chair, kicking a coffee table across the room and then tearing a stove hood vent from the wall. He then threatened to throw a curio cabinet off of the couple's third floor balcony.

The woman's 10 year old son was listening to music when Smith grabbed his laptop and threw it away while screaming "grow up, get a job and become a man."

Unsatisfied still, Smith picked up a baseball bat and began smashing objects about the house. During a 911 call, dispatchers heard the woman plead with Smith to stop, as he continued to smash objects with the bat.

Arriving deputies found what they believe to be methamphetamine in Smith's possession.

He told investigators that he was angry because his girlfriend deleted two phone numbers. One number, he stated, was for a work-related contact. The other number, he stated, was for another woman had been seeing.

Smith was booked into the Ramsey County Jail and charged with two counts of making terroristic threats. Drug charges are pending.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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