May 23, 2012

Couple Jailed After Throwing Fetus Into Trash Can

Morris County, New Jersey (The Weekly Vice) - Erin Dougherty, 25, and Daniel Aratow, 31, were jailed after they allegedly dumped the remains of a baby into a trash can outside their home.

According to police, Dougherty and Aratow went to Morristown Medical Center stating that she had stomach pains. Dougherty told medical staff that she had delivered a stillborn baby two days prior and that she was 25 weeks along in her pregnancy.

Doughtery told investigators that she and Aratow wrapped up the fetus and "disposed" of it in a trash can outside of their home. Their trash, along with the fetus, was picked up by their trash service and taken to a landfill in Pennsylvania. The fetus has yet to be recovered.

Investigators say Dougherty claimed that she was told the baby had no heartbeat during a doctor's visit on April 11th. However, after reviewing medical records and interviewing Dougherty's physician, detectives discovered that she had tried to abort the child, but the clinic refused to terminate the pregnancy because the baby was alive and appeared to be 26 to 27 weeks old.

Detectives are attempting to locate the fetus, in hopes of determining whether it was dead or alive during the delivery. Further charges may be pending.

Dougherty and Aratow were booked into jail on charges of disposing "regulated medical waste" without obtaining required authorization from state environmental or health officials. They were both released after posting a $7,500 bond each.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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